Flow On

I went out to dinner on Sunday evening with a “gentleman.” This gentleman had asked me to get together, informed me that he was developing a crush on me. I expressed to him that I am not interested in a romantic focus right now. I need ME time and the cultivation of friendships. He “understood” and went along with my expression of needing space, etc…then, the dinner arrives (don’t ask how the dinner even happened ~ that’s for another story, at another time).

I arrive at our destination first, and get a corner bar spot, and as soon as he approaches me, he says, “Let’s get a table,” and maneuvers his way, quickly, to the hostess whose job it is to greet and seat the guests. SHE comes over to me and says, “he wants a table.” OK.

So I follow her and take a seat at THE TABLE. We look over the menu and pick some dishes. Then the dance begins. I didn’t know I would be dancing and stretching so far, from “home.” He says, with a smile, on his swollenish cheeks, “you look like a Goddess with all your sparkles on your eyes.” I couldn’t mistake the tone of, ‘I-am-not-fond-of-Beautiful- Women-With-Power-so-I-have-to-make-them-feel-less-than.’ We  talked about the journey of life, literally, like where we lived and the journeys that ensued…when I mentioned that I lived in Hawaii for a few hours, he eagerly interrupts with, “oh, did you hang out with the hippies and go to Goddess circles?” Catch a breath, Gabriella, I tell myself. What?! So I respond, “No, I didn’t join any groups that separated. I didn’t want to be part of Goddess groups for they excluded the men.” Silence. Maybe he didn’t know how to respond. Did he think I was gonna blush, stare at the ground, quickly look down instead of looking him straight in the eye, and remain quiet? Hmmm, but a sparkly, Hippie Goddess Woman wouldn’t do that!

He then talked about his stuff, how he found himself moving to Asheville, and how he moved in with a woman, but how he quickly found out, that they were incompatible and had different ideas about life, and their flow didn’t match. This part of the conversation seemed normal…until he was asking me about my life coaching and did I get certified for it, is it really legit…as we make our way to his work, doing software designer. He mentions something about an app…  To try to better understand what he does, I inquisitively ask, “so if I wanted to create an app, you could help me with that?” Quickly, and with that tone I’m getting rather familiar with, he utters, “no, I don’t do pro-bono work and you couldn’t afford me.” Again. Catch a breath, Gabriella, I tell myself. Is he serious?

The words “flow” on… and somehow we move to spiritual matters, particularly guides, and if we choose to incarnate or are we pushed to. He says, “I believe guides do push us.” I agreed, and then added, “I believe we always have a choice, and that our guides do push us, but they don’t force us. We still have to choose.” He then resorted to his Buddhist teaching and teachers (btw, he added me to a dharma group on FB without asking me  and as a sidenote, “I added you to my dharma group, if you’re up for it.”), and how it is said that it isn’t pleasant, the whole experience of coming back and being pushed into it…shall we say, such things came up, like karma, if frogs have a choice like us…and then he continues, because by this point, he’s passionate. Note to self~he doesn’t agree that we have a choice.

“What about the person who is born into a place like Afghanistan, in poverty, and becomes spiteful and harms people? What does he gain from that experience? I feel that most of us, unless we are spiritually enlightened, are just lost wandering around, pointless, and we wouldn’t choose that.” My response, “Maybe he wanted to learn something within the experience of poverty, perhaps about lack. Maybe somewhere along the journey, he got tainted by the human experience, and created evil acts.” I brought in JOURNEY OF SOULS for a reference, and he wanted to know if he could trust the author, like what’s his background? Ok, onto the next thing…

What kind of things we enjoy and would like to explore in the area…he mentions a used bookstore that you can have wine and peruse the books. As I find out it’s near a place I am working at, I bring it up to him, “oh I work at Wake Foot Sanctuary.” To which he replies, “I know the place.”

“Oh, have you been there before?”

Sighs, “no, that’s not a macho thing to do.”

AGAIN. Catch a breath, Gabriella. You have got to be kidding me! Do I want to put my fuckbucks into a response right now? (Watch this “The Magic of Not Giving a Fuck” video for more clarity) https://youtu.be/GwRzjFQa_Og

A little bit more, the words flow on..

He grabs the check and insists on paying, expressing, “I like to be the patriarch and pay.” When I offered to pay for the tip, he says, “if you feel you MUST.” How I wish I did pay for the whole thing, standing up and shouting, “The New Agey Goddess Spiritual Girl has got this!”

The HUG goodbye was the only time during the evening I felt his heart.

We part.

The next evening I receive this in Messenger. “So how was that all for you?”

Seriously, AGAIN?! Catch a breath, Gabriella. It can’t get any worse.

It took me a day to respond…that fuck bucks thing again…do I really want to say something and what the heck do I come back with?

“What do you mean?”

“What do you mean, what do I mean?”


It can’t get any worse, I tell myself.

“Are you overwhelmed with lust? Did you want to make out with me?”

What?! I was wrong… it just got worse.

According to him, it was like a first date, and “it’s totally normal to check in in that way, sorry you think that’s strange.”

STRANGE?! I think it’s inappropriate. I think it’s disrespectful. I think it’s selfish. I think it’s immature. I think it’s rude. I think it’s egocentric. I think it’s out of RANGE…I think it’s eerily similar to our sweet, kind-hearted, warm President (ah, but that’s another post)…

It’s time for the delete button.

There ain’t any more words to …





The Beloved Within Magnetizes and Attracts the Beloved Without

Feel, Accept, and Express the full spectrum of who you are, from pain to love. ~Jessica Vikara Bourque

I need to communicate what has been in my experience even if I lose some of you along the way. I feel that it is so important to express what is true for us in any moment. I have intuitively and emotionally felt that I have been conversing with my twin flame incognito. I felt the connection increasing as I was in LA this past summer, and with this, since others were involved, the feelings of manipulation and abandonment came up in me. I did leave LA. There have been many emotions, much reflection of self ~ patterns, behaviors, habits, much of the ways we operate in life that came up to the surface. This happens when you encounter your mirror, and in addition, we all are mirrors for each other.

I talk so much about twin flames, as one on their own and coming together to create 11. I realize that the oneness of each is always being enhanced as our relationships with all things and others reflect this. It feels that this oneness is always unfolding ever deeper in love. We assist each other along the way.

A pattern I noticed is that I have always wanted to be accepted by others ~ all of us to some degree have experienced this ~ but for me, it has been so deep, with my natural aspect within my essence in wanting to help everyone. So much that I have limited myself from expressing my pain, my feelings, my process because of the concern of “judgment,” yet the truth is that there is no judgement in love. We are all walking each other home and what this means to me is that we are all moving deeper into the love that we are, bringing that love into expression, developing deeper compassion, as our consciousness, our being moves into expansion.

I haven’t taken a break from giving in a long time, and I haven’t even truly known what it to just be, to be still in the presence of the now moment. I was always available for others, that I didn’t give to myself, to fuel me, even though by fueling others, my fuel is added upon. Balance is always necessary. I feel now I am on a journey of re-discovering my self, my passions that are my own, and of courses, that are connected with my Beloved. I shall be sharing more along the journey as I launch the new website to share this journey that we walk together. I am not sure if I shall be going to get rid of Emerging Soul (there may just be an editing process that transpires). I will eventually go back to read all that is there and either keep or merge it into the next website…

I feel and am choosing to walk my talk in every changing moment. We are perfect even with our perceived imperfections. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Right now, as I am, I accept you as you are. I choose to meet you in truth, with no reason for hiding or deception. I choose to be me in every moment, as this may not live up to the expectations of everyone, but I release it. I release you from having to live up to any expectations for I love you as you are.

For so long, I have only brought through what we can consider to be “positive” messages, and yet we are complex beings which includes the ALL of this Earthly experience. The intention with this next website is to move through the moments/experiences of this journey into deeper love and heart expansion as our love lights burn bright, building our own happiness that we share with each other. This process attracts our Beloved in physical form and others to us, as well as opportunities our way.

We teach what we most need to learn (and we are always both teachers and students)…as I am experiencing profoundly in the area of relationships, I am always intending to share it with you. Our soul chooses to be in the field where we learn, heal, experience profoundly and then bring it into compassionate insight for all of us. This is my ever consistent truth and intention, to share my heart with you and extend for you to open your hearts with me along this journey.

*It is important on the pathway to union with the Beloved, to connect with self, again and again, anew and anew. *

*So often we have been talking about the journey towards union rather than allowing ourselves to be IN the journey, and this is where I desire to take all of you with me now…as we allow the journey to bring us into the arms of love while we bask in our own love lights* ~ and to TRUST IN THE FLOW TO BRING THE NEXT STEP ~ the stillness and the moment is quite powerful. We don’t need to have everything all mapped out right now. The enjoyment is in the unfolding of the path.

I love you all so very much and am in such gratitude to have you with me through this life journey.

In Truth, in Love, I AM

Deeper Love and Spiritual Growth Continues to Continue


For some time now, I have been in communication with my Beloved twin flame. I went to LA in July with the feeling that our physical reunion was underway. I felt our energies merged during this time, as they increased. It felt as though I was in the divine flow, there were signs, an abundance of synchronicities around me, and a feeling that I was moving where I needed to be. When there was a moment where I thought that our reunion was to be, I recognized a myriad of emotions, patterns perhaps from previous lifetimes come up in me. As a result, I got on a plane and left LA. I was scheduled to do this already at this point…

About this time, it felt as if I jumped off a cliff into a deep dark abyss away from the connection I had always felt, away from the path I thought I was following, away from who I am. The truth is that the connection and love never leaves or ceases and the path can veer me in different directions but I am always on it, as I continue to open my heart and allow myself to see the beauty present as many presents surround me daily. Who I am is becoming more clear and defined as I move into the depths Rainbowof my feeling and being. It does take an intention to notice the rainbow during the rain pouring down, but when the eyes are opened, it is always there to see. The good thing is that when the eyes are closed, it doesn’t take that long to open them if you choose it. 😉 and just knowing that the eyes DO open make all the difference. Since connecting with my twin flame, I have felt his energy come through in many people, which shows me through the experience that we are all so deeply connected, and what a gift it is to be the love that I am with everyone that comes along my path as I am guided. I am now moving through my own journey of deepening the love within me, releasing all that can block this love from coming out in streams. This is the journey that I shall take you upon very soon with the launch of a new website. We truly are walking each other home. We truly are showing each other, reflecting to each other how to be and receive love in ever deeper, rewarding ways.

I feel that authenticity is not permanent and fixed, meaning that it shifts and changes as your truth becomes more defined, and what resonated with you yesterday may not so clearly feel right today. I am a strong believer in walking the talk, and talking the walk, as I feesmell the flowersl each day, each moment, we have another beautiful opportunity to do this. Sometimes that just encourages us to BE, as this is another lesson I am learning ~ this balancing the being and doing, while the being is brought into the doing. I’ve talked about this before, but sometimes, many of you may also feel, how we can get distracted, or we get confused, doubtful of where our foot needs to tread next. In those moments, as Mooji suggests, it is best to not figure it out, but rather to let it be.

I am a strong advocator for love, and how love will see through everything and anything, the love within which is then reflected and brought outwards. Truly, love is all around us. Again, when we have our eyes open, we can recognize this truth.

Something that’s important for me is balance ~ balance of inside and outside (nature), balance of being and doing, balance of reading and writing, balance of responding and resting, balance of self- care and care for others. Many of you that have been following me may have remembered I mentioned that I am an Empath and made a video of such…well, we are all students and teachers…I am consistently learning about others, life, and my SELF, as we all reflect one another to each other. I have a tendency to want to respond to everyone right away, and many a times when I haven’t given to myself so that this imbalance can become evident through the process. Ah, there is much that I am moving through…for we  truly are spiritual beings having a human experience, as I am excited to have you journey with me into deeper communion and union with the spiritual and human path very soon.

The love within is already in oneness and union with the Beloved twin flame, so that bringing the focus there will only enhance and increase the love which overflows outwards, as it attracts the Beloved in the physical. This is what I am excited to move into, as well as help you all to find your beautiful heart lights and passions, to bring them more creatively and beautifully out into the world. This is my true passion ~ to bring people into their beautiful selves, as they come together themselves to increase their light and that of others!!!!! YAY!  We walk this journey together and move through with one another!

Dreaming into Love

lovers embracing meadowWhat a powerful and intense night/morning of dreaming! It started with my twin flame and I engaged, then it quickly moved into the awareness of him being dead. The whole dream became a vortex of tears and pain for this absence of presence with my Beloved. At one point, I was in a room with a young boy about the age of 10. He was able to sense things spiritually, psychically. He said to me, “there is a man standing behind you.” He went onto describe the features of my Beloved, then spoke again, “He says, ‘It’s OK to love me.'” So the week that my Beloved died, we were to be visiting his family and I was to meet them. Since he died, I went anyway and sat down to talk to his mother. She pulled out a wine bottle, we sat across from each other. I asked her if it would be ok if I still came by to visit and share with the family, and she said, “Of course!” It was very intimate, our connection felt so close, so familiar.

Every single time I awoke to go to the bathroom, which is about 3 times in the night, I very quickly went right back into the dream. When I did awake for the day, it took me a little while to get into my body, in my bed, and out of it! So powerful. I don’t see death as being an actual death but transformation, and considering that it was after we were engaged that he died in the dream represents the transition from “solo” to mated. A similar theme on death happened in another dream I had in January, Transitioning from One into the Oneness.

lovers heart lightFor me, the line, “It’s OK to love me” is so powerful for it invites Beloved to Beloved into the depth of the love within and between them by surrendering to this love as they release any fears to profoundly being immersed IN that love. They remember they ARE this love and have chosen to be it and to receive it, openly, honestly, totally and completely. Nothing hidden. Nothing forbidden. It is here now to be embraced.

Profound Synchronicities Bring Depth to the Layers of Dream Messages

union of all that isIn December, I had a beautiful and powerful dream with my Dad who passed away in October, and my Beloved twin flame…you can read the details of that dream before reading on ~ The Dreamweaver Continues to Bring the Connection and Love Through, Thanks Dad ~ but when my dad was fading away, my twin flame was moving in. It was like their forms were on top of each other, as my Dad rose above and began to fade while my twin flame became more clear and pronounced. Since my dad passed, I received notification that I will be receiving some funds from an account he had…and just last week, I spoke with someone who informed me when the money would be arriving…and as I heard her, I paused for a moment in amazement but not surprise. I’ve experienced too many synchronicities to expect anything less. She said that it would be coming on my twin flame’s birthday!!! And then, just last night when I was meditating, I vividly recalled the dream mentioned above…and received the deeper layer of my Dad fading away as my Beloved moves in…;) well, literally soon. I must admit, there were tears that came, yet also a complete gratitude for the love that I AM always feeling from my father, from my twin flame, from my own sweet essence and from all that is ~ constantly being reminded and immersing myself in the oneness that surrounds us all. May this inspire you and reassure you that everything is always, all ways, unfolding in perfect divine order.

Waves of love from my heart to yours!

~Gabriella Hartwell

Transitioning from One into the Oneness

Last week, I had quite a powerful dream. When do I not have powerful, interweaving dreams from “dream” to “reality.” From all of these experiences just in this past year, nevermind all of the years beforehand, I’ve come to pay strong attention to what comes through, not taking things literally yet allowing the messages and the layers of messages to come through as they will. I must say that with this dream I’m going to share, the insight didn’t come through right away, for I had to release and clear emotions that pushed through as a result of deeply feeling what “occurred” in the dream. Phew, but when it all came to me, how beautiful, truly, truly beautiful it was, it IS!

naked woman receiving loveAt first I see my Beloved dressed up, standing by himself, attending an event by himself. The spotlight shines upon him so that I can see him…and it felt that we have been in contact. Then the dream moves forward to me, and I hear the news that he has died. This thought keeps repeating in my head, “he can’t be dead, he can’t be dead.” Then his brother posts something that says, “thank you for all your messages regarding my brother.” Again, my repetitive thought, “he can’t be dead. He can’t be dead.” and all the while my emotions are intensifying. I feel as though I am dead, like I am in my body but not fully alive. Fast forward again: I am in this place that has the feel of a brothel (yet it isn’t) and I am going through an initiation process. I understand that I need to be naked in front of a bunch of people and be comfortable with receiving, completely receiving (though mind you this is not sexual), just intimate. The owner of the place takes a liking to me and asks for my phone number. I get the sense that the owner of this place, his father has died, yet he just like me not believing that my Beloved was dead, he didn’t believe his father was dead. The dream moves to this owner walking into his office and his secretary says that he has a letter that came on his desk. He says, “Is it from my father?”

Now you can imagine how it felt for me as I initially awoke from the dream. I was confused, felt kinda weird, and tears streamed down my face, coming from a deep place within to feel my Beloved dead. The intensity wasn’t lessened by the fact that I know death in dreams represents transformation. Phew! When the emotions passed, I was able to receive. Here’s what came: the dream started with a vision of my Beloved in the spotlight by himself…then he “dies,” ~ this is the symbol of him as One, as himself alone. This is what is dying, or rather going through transformation. No longer will he be seen as just himself but one with his Beloved.

walking into the lightNext, I was going through an initiation, needing to be comfortable being naked in front of a bunch of people and receiving ~  I am also transforming into the Oneness that we are as ONE together. With this, comes a full and profound acceptance to be seen for all that I AM, the vulnerability of showing all who I AM. The balance of giving is receiving…and it is my turn to receive. The owner of the place going into his office, receiving a letter from his father that was thought to be dead ~ shows that he wasn’t really dead in the actual, physical sense.

Wow ~ lots of beautiful transformations within…which will be reflected without, in the spotlight so to speak…the balancing of giving and receiving. I AM excited yet so calm in the sweetness within the ONEness of our ONE mutual core. I am receiving…in all ways, the love that I AM. May this inspire you to notice your dreams and to bring what you remember into your waking reality, and of course that all is always, all ways, flowing in divine perfection.

Lots of love to you!

~Gabriella Hartwell

The Dreamweaver Continues to Bring the Connection and Love Through…Thanks Dad

The first week of December I had a dream with my Dad that I’d like to share…

angels heavenWe were in a room with other men around, seemed like there was a meeting going on or something but the beam of focus was on just my Dad and I sitting and sharing. He was mentioning something about my birth certificate…and I could sense that there was something there from a previous lifetime with him and my mom. I felt the need to say to him, “I love both you and Mom the same.” Then he was talking about a coat of arms, telling me that it was in Vermont. After that, he started to float and rise above where we were as I felt his presence leaving ~ my twin flame was coming through as my Dad was leaving and the message from both as they were conjoined at this point was, “Remember the humor. Always bring in the humor.” Then I awoke.

I looked up Vermont coat of arms on the internet and found that the words which are part of the state of Vermont’s coat of arms, is “Freedom and Unity.” How divinely perfect this was as my father was leaving and my twin was coming ~ Freedom. And. Unity…they go hand in hand…and I also felt that my dad won’t completely leave until the union of my Beloved and I happens in all ways…I feel his presence so strongly around me since that dream and heard him speaking to me…I feel so deeply loved and guided ~ giving me the strength to continue to go on. The other awesome thing that I discovered since having the dream, is that my father does have family in Vermont, which I never knew before the dream 😉 gotta always love the revealing of things in dreams, which just continuously goes to show me that we are always connecting, communicating and loving beyond our physical bodies. Just so divine!

My Dad used to sing the song “Dream Weaver” to my mom when they were playing as romantic lovers, and their love always remained even after they “separated,” so in tribute to their love that created my being and love 😉 I shall share the song.